Matt Baker, artistic director of Theatre in the Quarter, said: “We are really delighted that the film we created with our refugee friends and hundreds of Chester school children has won this award. Our main aim was to create a platform to enable the stories of these people to be told, and for as many people to hear their stories."

Matt added: “It is particularly daunting to think that, while we were confined to our homes but able to go online to see events like this, meet friends or watch Netflix, that thousands of people are still out there, fleeing from war and danger, unable to socially isolate or seek any form of help in this current pandemic. Their stories are more important than ever.”

Walk My Journey involved a number of refugees sharing stories of their journeys to the UK including the often harrowing reasons for leaving home and their dreams and aspirations for the future.

Filming took place in various locations around Salford and Chester, with the final scene involving 700 school children welcoming the refugees at Chester Racecourse with a song specially composed for the project, and inspired by the stories.

Walk My Journey was first screened as part of a large public event outside Chester Cathedral in November 2018 where the 700 children who appeared in the film performed live in front of 3,000 people, in the company of the refugees who had also featured in the film.

National charity City of Sanctuary was also present and recognised Chester as a City of Sanctuary after the screening.

Walk My Journey was programmed by the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of their Refugee Week 2018.

The Charity Film Awards celebrates the effective use of video by the third sector to change mindsets, raise awareness for the charity or fundraise - 65,000 people took part in the public voting stage to determine the shortlist.