To those who remember the last Coronation
And knew where you were when the Queen received her crown
Grew up at a time when war gave way to peace
Played out in the streets ‘til the sun went down

We have so many questions to ask you
We want your tales of childhood to revive
We hope that you to share some of your wisdom
So that we can keep your memories alive

Of course we remember the last Coronation
A feeling of pride when the Queen received her crown
The old and the young all joined in celebration
We danced in our street ‘til the sun went down

And our whole life was laid out before us
An age of great ambition and of hope
But at that age we did not have the wisdom
And we didn't have a time telescope

But we hold on to those moments
And to you we should say
Don’t put off 'til tomorrow
What you can do today
Be brave, be bold, be caring
Be the best that you can be
Take care of the world we leave you
Use your talents to set you free

Be prepared for change and be prepared to change

So now let’s join together
Our message clear and loud
Let’s build a brighter future
Of which we can be proud
Let’s dance into the sunset
Leave doubt and fear behind
The sun will rise tomorrow
And only then we’ll find
That this time we came together
A future to forsee
Is one we’ll hold forever
At the glorious jubilee

Come together
Form a bond to last
Share great stories from the past
Shape a future on which we all agree
As we celebrate this jubilee