Last Tuesday evening was the first session of this term’s Quartz - Theatre in the Quarter’s Young People’s company established and nurtured from the outset under the careful eye of Steph Green and Matt Baker. This term will be run by myself (Michael Beigel) and Francis Tucker and it’s fair to say beforehand we were nervous.

As always with first night nerves they were only a good thing. Tucker and I planned the session carefully - focusing on stagecraft and the skills required to make exciting theatre. And this dynamic group of Young Actors (for that’s what they are) really rose to it.

In only an hour they devised, redrafted and honed a cornucopia of different scenes. Ranging from the surreal to the truly heartfelt. They absorbed the work we introduced surrounding playing scenes truthfully and really got their teeth stuck into finding out (and playing) what their characters want!

We also found out from these young actors why they are there. What are their ambitions for the project and beyond? We had a myriad of responses each as unique as the young person who provided them. One was

‘I want to do something challenging and that I’m proud of.’

and this could be a headline for this term.

We will challenge these young actors - because they have already shown they are more than up to the task. And what’s more we will make a piece of theatre that me, Tucker and all these young people can be immensely proud of.

If you would like to join Quartz for this term please call Julie on 07747 110933 as it’s not too late to join!