(NOTE: I wrote this blog last week but didn’t want to publish it before we had full confirmation on a few things. Thankfully we now have that confirmation, so here’s what I was thinking!)

Quartz is properly back up and running now, in full swing and embarking on an exciting ambitious new project. And there are a few developments I want to share with you all.

Firstly, we are moving home. We have been very happy in the Garden Lane Methodist Church and will certainly be using it again we hope. But we have such a brilliant large group this term we have decided we needed something a bit larger scale. And we are delighted to have the opportunity to move homes to the brand new facilities at Blacon High School! We will be some of the first people to enjoy the state of the art facilities and cannot wait to get settled in to our new home from next Tuesday.

Secondly, our performance dates have now been confirmed. We will be performing at St Mary’s Creative Space on January 8th, 9th & 10th 2017 (2017 - I know, as if!) this exciting versatile venue will be our setting and we’re excited to use this space in ways you may not have seen it used before.

Finally, a little bit about the show. We will be re-telling and reinventing the myths of Icarus and Theseus & The Minotaur telling through puppetry, physical storytelling and musical theatre. Fusing aspects of Greek Chorus with contemporary theatre techniques this brand new adaptation will challenge performers and audiences alike and provide a new way into these classic tales. As the lines of the opening song say:

A story will change every time it is told,
New lessons are learned as retellings unfold,
And all that glitters is surely not gold.

Whether Gods or Men,
Queens or Kings,
Parents or Children,
Monstrous things.
All make the choices, when choice makes its call,
Pride comes before a fall.