Written and directed by John Young
Original Score and music direction by Matt Baker. Filmed by Joel Merry and Andy Davies.

The pandemic has affected us all in so many different ways; families not able to see each other, friends not able to share happy times together, people struggling to make ends meet as businesses fail. As Christmas 2020 approaches, it seems as though the situation for many has become even more difficult.

Our inspiration for this film has been drawn from a broad range of people who shared their stories and feelings as to how the pandemic had affected their lives. With many people facing a comparatively bleak end of the year, we wanted to offer a sense of hope, discovering the ways in which Christmas may still possibly serve as a time of joy.

This film is set in Cambrian Road in Chester, the street which became famous for its short community film created by the residents to highlight the positive force of community. In this Christmas film, we have drawn on the wider community, involving people from a range of diverse backgrounds, including those with additional needs, the LGBT community and people of all generations.

We experienced enormous challenges in the making of this film; we adhered strictly to the ever changing government restrictions, and ensured that, through a blend of online rehearsal and covid-safe filming, that we could achieve our goal of sharing some happiness this season.

Set in the beautiful city of Chester, England, Christmas Street features an entirely community cast of actors and singers, led by a small professional team of creatives.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy this short film. CHRISTMAS STREET