Speak to anyone who has been a member of Jigsaw over the past quarter of a century and you will probably hear similar things; that they had a great time meeting new friends, that they helped to create lots of new stories, songs and pieces of theatre, that their imaginations were allowed to run wild as they entered exciting worlds through play, music and dance.

You could even ask well known actor Tom Hughes, currently appearing in ITVs VICTORIA - he was a member of Jigsaw several years ago, and now he is our patron.

Jigsaw are about to create a brand new magical and musical play for Christmas. Jigsaw meets on Monday evenings from 6.15 - 8.15pm at Chester Blue Coat School on Walpole Street. Newcomers are welcome. Enquiries to Julie on 07747 110933 or via enquiries@thetareinthequarter.co.uk